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Hosin Technology added equipment laser marking machine in mid-April.



This equipment is surface etched for most metal materials with low reflectivity, and a small number of plastic products can also be processed.
The laser source is a fourth type of laser product (IV), which emits light of wavelengths of about 1060 to 1064 nm up to 10-20 W.
The beam is transmitted by an optical fiber, and the X, Y scanning lens controls the high speed operation of the beam.


Compared with traditional marking machines (finishing machine, silk screen, chemical etching, etc.), laser marking machine has high flexibility, low cost, no deformation, good stability, high pulse frequency and engraving lines. Uniform, fine lines and strong depth of engraving. Its speed is more than three times that of traditional marking machines. The most important thing is almost zero pollution to the environment.


相容常用向量圖檔:(aidxfdstplt )
圖像格式: (bmpjpggifpng 

Compatible common vector files: (ai, dxf, dst, plt, and other image files)
Image format: (bmp, jpg, gif, png and other formats)
Color marking work, with SUS material or titanium metal color effect, will affect the color engraving due to environmental, temperature, humidity and material surface flatness and other related issues.